What is the purpose of this wiki

The primary purpose of this wiki is to serve as a resource for IB Economics students in Mr. Hopkins' classes. I hope that it will also be helpful to economics students and teachers at other schools. There are links to the calendar and resources for each unit on this page. The page for each unit (linked below) will have a calendar with the topics we study, the homework that is due, and resources to help students learn. Ideally, these pages will provide all students with the basic resources necessary for success in IB Economics and provide even more for students, who want to explore these topics in more depth.

I am teaching AP Economics at the Singapore American School now. Click here to check out my AP Economics website. If you are teaching a high school introduction to economics course that is not IB or AP level, the home page for my intro course may be a useful resource.

Calendar by Unit

  1. Intro to Economics
  2. Markets and Elasticities
  3. Market Failure
  4. National Income Accounting
  5. History of Economic Thought
  6. AS-AD
  7. Fiscal Policy
  8. The Monetary System and the Quantity Theory of Money
  9. Monetary Policy and the Keynesian Theory of Liquidity Preference
  10. The Phillips Curve
  11. Intro to the Internal Assessment
  12. International Economics
  13. Development Economics
  14. Theory of the Firm
  15. Review for the IB Exam

The IA

IB Exam Review
Click here to go to the IB Exam review page.

Project Advance
  • Study Guides: Click the link to obtain the study guides for each chapter.

Econ Podcasts
  • Click the link above to listen to podcasts on a range of econ topics.
  • Podcasts can be a really effective way for econ students to learn. You can listen to podcasts practically anytime. You can listen while you're exercising, on a plane trip or on the bus to school in the morning. Click the link above to listen to podcasts that you might find useful in trying to understand some of the ideas we study in economics. Hopefully, you'll find them interesting too!

Econ Videos
  • Click the link above to watch videos on a range of economics topics.